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Solar Hot Water Heater in AZ: Frequently Asked Questions

1) How good of an investment is solar hot water in AZ?

2) How would buying a solar water heater in AZ save me money?

3) What is the "payback" on a solar hot water system?

4) How would cloudy weather affect my solar water heater in AZ?

5) How would a solar collector look on our roof?

6) What about the environmental benefits of solar hot water?

1) How good of an investment is solar hot water in AZ?

The amount of money you could save by switching to solar hot water depends on the type of fuel you are currently using to heat your water, as well as the number of people in your household. Switching from gas or electricity-driven water heating systems typically yields the best results in terms of savings.

2) How would buying a solar water heater in AZ save me money?

A solar water heater reduces your monthly utility bill, and that offsets the payment you make on the system itself. You can either pay extra to your utility company for electricity or gas-driven water heating systems, or you could invest that money into a solar hot water system and actually own it in five years! Also, the payments you make on you solar water heater are tax-exempt. That means that every dollar you pay for your solar water heater is equal to $1.30 spent on utility bills!

3) What is the "payback"on a solar hot water system?

The term "payback" is a misconception that shows a false value towards an income generating device. Electric and gas water heaters do not have a payback! When you purchase a more efficient refrigerator, the decision to buy comes not from how long the savings generated will pay you back for your initial investment, but it comes from getting better service for a lower operating cost with a better rate of return. Solar water heaters do just that. They provide quality hot water at a lower cost than heating with electricity or LP gas with more equity value in your home.

Solar collectors are typically designed to last as long as your home with little or no maintenance. These systems often give a 14% to 20% per year non-taxable rate of return on your money - even for a two person household. It is important to remember that hot water is a constant daily expense; other large household appliances, like air conditioners and heaters, are seasonal expenses.

Hot water is typically 20% to 30% of the annual utility bill. Hot water for showers, dishwashing, and laundry costs about $110 a year per person (when LP gas costs $1.15/gallon or electricity costs 7 cents/kilowatt hour). When electricity is 10 cents/kWh or LP gas is $1.60 a gallon, it will cost about $646 a year to heat water for a four person household. A properly sized solar water heater in AZ can be expected to save this household $450 to $600. And, Arizona Solar Water & Energy has several active solar hot water systems to accommodate households from two to ten people, all of which qualify as a non-taxable investment.

4)How would cloudy weather affect my solar water heater in AZ?

Active solar systems have a conventional electric heating element to heat water when needed. They deliver both higher temperature water and more water volume than conventional water heaters - a good 40 to 80 gallons more hot water than conventional water heaters, in fact.

5) How would a solar collector look on our roof?

Solar collectors are typically integrated into the slope of the roof. This method of installation gives the solar collector the appearance of a quality, opaque, glass skylight. In most cases, since the piping is not seen, it actually improves the appearance of the home because it looks like an elegant, expensive skylight.

6) What about the environmental benefits of going solar?

Any time you use solar energy to offset the amount of fossil fuels that are burned, you contribute to everyone's health and welfare. Operating one solar water heater instead of an electric water heater saves the equivalent of nine barrels of oil every year and reduces carbon dioxide emissions (a greenhouse gas) by 1600 pounds and sulfur dioxide (contributes to acid rain) emissions by 12 pounds. Multiply those emissions per household by all the homes in your neighborhood, town, county, or state, and the benefits -- and the air and water -- become even more clear. Environmental Consciousness is a state that induces action through your belief in leaving a better world for yourself and future generations. Keeping AZ air clean is just one of many benefits of switching to a solar water heater!

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