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HVAC & Duct System Inspection in Arizona: Phoenix AZ area

Duct System Inspection in Arizona

HVAC / Duct System Inspections are important to your Arizona home

Central heating and cooling systems use an air distribution or duct system to circulate cooled and/or heated air to all the conditioned rooms in a house. Properly designed duct systems can maintain uniform temperatures throughout the house, efficiently and quietly. Unfortunately, the efficiency of air distribution systems in Arizona has been found to be 60-75% or less in most houses because of insufficient and/or poorly installed duct insulation and leaks in the duct system. A duct system inspection of your Arizona home will reveal these leaks.

HVAC Inspection in Arizona

Duct systems that leak and/or do not distribute air properly throughout the house may make some rooms too hot and others too cold. Leaky and unbalanced duct systems may force conditioned air outside and unconditioned air into the house. This increases cooling and heating costs and may also draw humidity, dust, mold spores, and other contaminants into a home from the attic, crawlspace, or garage and radon gas from the soil. An inspection of your HVAC system performed by Arizona Solar Wave & Energy will ensure that your duct system is not introducing contaminants into your Arizona home.

Duct systems that are undersized, are pinched, or have numerous bends and turns may lead to low air flow rates and high air velocities. Low air flow rates cause the heating and cooling equipment to operate inefficiently. High air velocities increase noise.

Arizona Solar Wave is your Phoenix AZ metro area HVAC / Duct Inspection specialist!

Arizona Solar Wave & Energy will inspect your duct distribution system and determine whether any duct system retrofit work is recommended.

  • The benefits of good duct design are occupant comfort, proper air distribution, economical cooling and heating system operation.
  • Your duct system should provide conditioned air to meet all room cooling and heating loads. It should be properly sized so that the pressure drop across the air handler is within manufacturer and design specifications.
  • It is sealed to provide proper air flow and to prevent air from entering the house or duct system from polluted zones.
  • The duct system should have balanced supply and return air flows to maintain a neutral pressure in the house.
  • Properly insulated the duct system should minimize duct air temperature gains or losses between the air handler and supply outlets, and between the return register and air handler.
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